February 4, 2012

A Birthday Post

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday.
That's right!  And I know you are all just desperately wishing you could be my sister in this picture here.

In honor of Sean's birthday, Nick and I sent him this little video.

We have yet to hear back from him.
What the heck, Sean??? 
Happy Birthday Anyways!


  1. Mindy, please take that off the internet right now!! My ears are still hurting!!!

    Sean, don't play this in the airplane. It might affect your radar. Happy Birthday.

  2. Mindy, your singing is quite powerful, and I think Nicholas' beard adds a lot to the video.

  3. wow Nicholas, learn how to sing happy b-day. Eating pretzels is nowhere close to impressive, Mindy was definitely the star of the video. Sean should feel honored by your voice. Nicholas, although your beard does add a lot to the video your performance leaves something to be desired.

  4. My Mom's Birthday is Feb 4th. I am afraid to say that she is in her seventy's but not over 75.

    I am A pinner at Pinterest. So I am following you BOTH on your pinterest boards. If you want to follow me I am Nora40.

    I look forward to seeing more of both website an pin boards, in the days to come.

  5. i CALLED IT! i knew you were gonna hit that high note at the end!!!
    love it!