May 30, 2012

The Day of My Mother

Mother's Day 
Oh I have lots of thoughts about the day of the mother...from the perspective of the wannabe mom.  But those thoughts are still processing through my otherwise occupied brain right now, so I will save writing them out until they are a little more coherent.  But write them I will, because they are good little thoughts (as my thoughts usually are), and you will want to hear them.  Trust me.  In the meantime, while you wait on the edge of your seats for my profundities to grace the cyber world, I will leave you with pictures of the day we celebrated my mother and her mother. The day was spent at my uncle's house with all our family, enjoying the sun, and ocean, and boats, and paddleboards.
They were so beyond thrilled to be sitting by me, as you can see.
And there you have it.  But stay tuned....

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