July 9, 2012

Dreams Really Do Come True

Last month, I had a dream I was pregnant.  About a week later, my friend and my sister also had dreams that I was pregnant.  Now, before you start jumping for joy, these are not the dreams that I am referring to in my title.  But, those dumb dreams really messed me up.  They made me have a teeny tiny bit of hope.  And, if you want my opinion, hope does not float.

A couple days after discovering that these dreams were indeed not true, my mother texted me to tell me to pray for my dad.  My dad had taken an important test to become a teacher in Arizona, and she had had a vivid dream the night before that he did not pass.  I texted her back and relayed the above experience and let her know that I don't really believe in dreams any more.  Then she texted me back, "that is really funny in a funny sort of way."  Yeah, I know.....that doesn't make any sense.  But, I laughed a lot when I read it. And sure enough, my mom's dream did not come true, and my dad did pass his test (this was a very good thing).

So, on Thursday night, when I woke up from a dream in which my iPhone was mutilated, you can imagine my relief when I saw my phone sitting safely on my nightstand and remembered that dreams are clearly not prophetic and have nothing to do with reality.

And yet.........

Here is my iPhone three hours after awaking from that dream.
So, you see guys.  Don't give up hope. 
 Dreams really do come true! 


  1. Melinda.... I follow hundreds of blogs, but yours is by far my favorite. Thank you for being you...

  2. 3 cheers for HOPE!

    and...So what the heck happened to the phone?