September 20, 2012

Anne + Dillon

Nick and I flew up to Redding this past weekend to be at Nick's cousin's wedding. It was a whirlwind of wedding events.
The rehearsal dinner was in Grandma Helen's backyard and reminded me so much of our own rehearsal dinner six years ago.  Lots of stories were told about the bride and groom.
Then there was the wedding set-up.
We used this pile of wood on the side of the house to create the awesomely unique backdrop that Nick is playing pastor in front of.
 And then there was the wedding....
This entire wedding and reception took place in someone's backyard!  Oh, to live in a place that has that much space...someday.

The Kinnier siblings
And we danced the night away.
Nick even got in a dance with his grandma...
And, as if you wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the pictures, here are a few more from Anne and Dillon's real photographer.
You can see more from their wedding here on the photographer's blog. 

Congratulations Anne and Dillon!!

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