October 11, 2012

rain, rain go away

It rained today.  I have been a bit in denial that fall is actually here.  The weather certainly has not felt like fall, so I've been able to successfully pretend that the season has not changed.  But, this morning I woke up to rain, and I think that fall is officially upon us...at least until the weekend (when we are supposed to get back up to 84 degrees).

And here is why I am not ready for it to be fall yet this year.  Last fall, I told myself on each holiday that it would be my last one without a baby.  I thought I would have a cute little baby to dress up for Halloween this year, to be thankful for at Thanksgiving, and to give presents to at Christmas.  But, it is not so. So, I would really be okay if we just skipped fall this year and moved right on to spring (because, let's be honest....we don't really have a winter here).

I thought I would give happy fall feelings a shot today when I woke up to see that it was raining.  I mustered up some excitement to put on my fall boots.  But, then I remembered that I do not look like all those girls that I pinned on pinterest wearing their fall boots on their long legs, and that I actually don't really like boots all that much on my short body.

So, I put my sandals on in defiance because it's still summer.  It's not fall, it was not raining today, the holidays are not right around the corner, and I am not infertile. In fact, I have five kids....living with me right here in our big house....on our farm...by the beach...where we laid out today because it was so warm and sunny.  
And also, everyone was admiring my really long legs.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to say thanks for being willing to share about your infertility struggles. It's taking my husband and I longer than I ever thought it would to get pregnant and it makes it so much harder when everyone around me seems to be a Fertile Myrtle. It helps to know I'm not alone.