November 7, 2012

Master Bedroom Before and After

Well, after three years of living in our house, I can say that our master bedroom is pretty much complete.  There are still a few little things we want to do, but I think it is finished enough to give it a blog post.  Here it is!
This is what it looked like before:
The big projects in this room were changing the window into a door, painting the room, and putting in the wood floor (which we put in throughout the whole house).  Then there was furnishing and decorating to do.  So, here are some more after pictures.
Nick found these curtain tie backs at an estate sale!
Our bedding is from Ikea.  The items on the walls are a mixture of things we already had and some new things I bought at Home Goods.
These are a couple of the things I framed above our bed.  The one on the right is something Nick wrote for me and gave me when he proposed.  The one on the left, he gave me for a recent birthday.  They are my favorite gifts from him ever.  (He will not like that they are posted on here, but I don't really think you can read them that well anyways....I'm still trying to convince him to let me share them on here).
This is Nick's side of the bed.  He made those shelves himself, and they are really unique.  I will have to post some up close pictures of them later.  I didn't think to take any when I was doing my little bedroom photo shoot, and now it is dark, and I am way too lazy to go take some now.
This would be my side of the bed.
One of the projects that I still have to do is paint this dresser white and change the handles on the drawers.  We'll see when I actually end up being motivated to do that.
So, there you have it.

Still to do to make this room completely complete:
Paint dresser
Crown Molding
Add more to the wall above the dresser


  1. Someday I might have a decorated bedroom...

    Very nice!!

  2. In love with Nick's side of the offense to your side Mindy :) That looks great too :)

  3. You did a great job. When choosing paint colors for youth's bedroom, we need not follow the same guidelines for painting a master bedroom. Thank you very much.