November 1, 2012

A Real Live Wedding Reception in our Backyard

Our friends Matt and Sasha are married now.  They had their reception in our backyard.  I was really busy being a stress case all night, so my picture taking was severely limited.  Most of these pictures came from my sister's camera, and she was a bit selective about who she took photos of.  It pretty much boiled down to 6 people, and they are all the members of my family who were there.  So, I am hoping to get pictures from the photographer that I will be able to post on the blog soon.  Until then, you can enjoy a few of these....
The cake made by my sister Kim, of course
 How did we not get a picture with the bride and groom? did we not get a picture of the bride and groom at all? Ooops!

The highlight of the night for me was seeing Belle experience her first dance.  It's such a proud moment as a mother.  We had locked her in the garage most of the night because we are mean parents like that.  But, we did let her come out towards the end, and our friend John made sure to have an extra special dance with her.
At the end of the night, I had to go pick up our other little fur ball, who was exiled from the house for this event for very good reason. So, I headed out to get the little dude.

Meanwhile, back at the house.....

All the guests were gone (except for a couple of our good friends who decided to spend the night), and Nick heard some noise coming from the side of our house...the side of the house where all of our junk had been stuffed and hidden away so that no one at the wedding could see what hoarders we really are.  Nick peeked around to discover two random wedding guests sitting in a couple of our patio chairs, drinking wine and smoking cigars....hmmmm.

Nick started chatting with them and found out one of them is the head chef at a very upscale, well-known restaurant, and the other one is the sommelier. If you don't know what a sommelier is, it's a fancy way of saying "wine steward" for really well to do people such as myself. (I just had to look up the definition).   

Seeing that they had a love of fine food in common, Nick asked them if they had ever heard of Ramos House Cafe (because that is the only somewhat upscale restaurant we have really been to).  Referring to the owner, the chef responded with, "That guy's a piece of S%*@!  I can make an omelette better than him.  Got any eggs?"

And so I came home to find these two random guys in my kitchen, and all of my eggs gone.  I didn't even get to try the scrambled eggs, the omelettes or the fried eggs they made.

I was a little annoyed.  But, then, after they had finished off the last of the wedding cake and learned that Kim had made it, they offered her a job at their restaurant.

So, it all worked out.

The End.


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  2. I don't like the picture of the 6 of you. Feels weird to not be in that one :( Sad face. No more pictures without me ok!!! Beautiful wedding though!!!

  3. Your backyard was a great venue! It looks like some local country cafe where you’d be satisfied just sitting for some time. I love it, especially in the first photo! I’m sure everyone enjoyed the prepared menu. It looks so pleasant up there. Best wishes for the couple! :)

  4. Your place is lovely, Melinda! And I think Matt and Sasha greatly appreciated your generous gestures of lending your vibrant and lively backyard for their reception. You can tell by the smiles that everybody was happy. The best part about weddings is that it brings everybody together. :-)