February 23, 2013

Holy Jim

I know my blogging has been scarce lately.  I have been SO busy, and I have more to write on that very soon.  For now, I have a few catch up posts to do.

Last weekend, Nick's parents came down for a visit.  They picked the best weekend, because our weather was glorious.  We decided to go on a hike to Holy Jim Waterfall and bring Brontie along, even though he is deathly afraid of water.
The stream crossings were quite traumatic for poor Brontie.  You can see how tormented he was in this little video.

But, he got used to it.
And we made it.


  1. Awe, Bronte is growing up so fast. Glad to see that the parentals stole all the southern california sunshine.

  2. Judging by his response to water, I guess Brontie is more doodle than lab :-)