March 13, 2013

Our First Boutique

We had our first official fundraiser yesterday for our adoption!  Kim (my sister) and I  set up a booth at the spring boutique at Crossline Church. I made a bunch of stuff, my friend, Andrea, gave me some of her adorable hair clips, my sister Kristina made sent me some of her Plum Paper goodies, my mother-in-law made cute little wallets, and Kim made a ton of chocolate and caramel covered pretzels to sell. I honestly wasn't expecting to make a ton of money, so we were very excited when by the end of the day we had made $700!! This was our booth.
We posted this sign at the booth so that people would know they were supporting our adoption by buying from us.  That was probably the most interesting part of the whole experience, since we had about 10 different people ask, "What are you adopting?   A pet?"

We still have a lot of stuff left over, so tomorrow I will be adding more to my Etsy shop.  
I am going to be raffling off a Plum Paper Planner on the blog!!  My sister Kristina made planners specifically for this sale that start in March 2013 and go through the end of February 2014.  So you will have a full year to use it!  We have a couple left, so stop by the blog tomorrow for a chance to win!

Thank you to everyone who supported us yesterday!  We are so incredibly thankful!!

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  1. What a great fundraiser!! I am so glad it was successful!