March 26, 2013

Ten Years

Ten years ago today, Nick and I took a walk to the top of a hill in Fullerton, where we had the conversation that made us a couple.  We also had this thing where we would tell each other 5 things we liked about the other person.  The only one I remember from that night was Nick saying that he liked that I was quiet....mwahahahaha.....he had a lot to learn still.
{On the phone with Nick while he asking me out on our first glad my roommates thought to capture it.}
It makes me happy and proud and awed and OLD to think about how much life we've lived together.  To see how our love has grown and changed and carried us through this process of becoming one.

We had no clue what we were in for ten years ago.  No clue about the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet that would come our way.  We were happy and we loved each other, more because we loved how we felt with each other than because we actually, truly loved each other.
In ten years, I've learned a lot.  I've learned that Nick likes to leave cupboards open and doesn't like to throw his floss in the trash.  I've learned that he is smart and thoughtful.  That he loves to read almost as much as he loves me and could write his own books if he really wanted to.  That, if he had the chance, he'd drop everything right now and go learn how to farm from Wendell Berry.  I've learned to love road trips and camping and big dopey dogs.  I've learned what humility is by watching him live it every day.  I've learned that he is passionate about knowing Jesus and becoming like Him, and that being married to Nick makes me a better person.  I've learned that he can hold the broken pieces of my heart.  That we're stronger because we've struggled, more united because we've been broken together.  I've learned that becoming one doesn't happen overnight.  That it's a process of joy and pain and happiness and heartbreak.  That it's taking these broken pieces of our lives and rebuilding them into one life together.  And I love our life together.
I've learned that God is good.  That marriage is a gift.  That I am blessed to have found the one my soul loves.

So, how are we celebrating?  Well, this morning I yelled at him for leaving his orange peel on the counter instead of throwing it in the trash, then I wished him a Happy Anniversary.  But tonight!  Tonight was the real celebration....Gelato Paradiso...and now we are catching up on our new favorite show, The Americans.  
FYI:  We don't typically celebrate this anniversary.  But, come on....ten years!  That's kind of a big deal.  And I will use any excuse to go out for gelato.

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  1. 10 years IS an accomplishment. Enjoyed your montage of memory lane. Aren't you glad you have all that documentation?