April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

I have been very busy getting ready for our first home study interview, which is TOMORROW, so I haven't really gotten around to blogging.  But, I am giving myself a minute to sit down and do a post about Easter before it's too late.  So, here it is, short and sweet.
Easter was at the Pacific Amphitheatre, as per usual.  It was once again an excellent service.  I love it every year.  After the service, we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house, where some of us slept (it was a work day for him, after all, and he had to be up before dawn) and some of us played a rousing game of Dominoes. 

Here's a recap of our Easter service....
I asked Kim if she wants to try out to be a dancer with me next year.  She said yes.  What? You didn't know we are dancers? Hello...have you seen us?  We totally get it from our parents.
Because this video never gets old....


  1. ha. i watched the RH video and totally forgot brian hill was there. hilarious. he was at the church i went to when i first moved back to AR. do yall talk to him much??

  2. oh and i'm thrilled with yalls adoption journey and decision! We hope to do that someday so i'm reading closely :)