May 23, 2013

Adoption Updates

Just to keep you all posted with where we are at, I will give you a little update.  Our home study has officially been approved!  Yay!  And it was so much easier than I thought it would be.  We have sent everything in to our agency and are just waiting on a couple of letters of recommendation, then we will be officially waiting to be matched!  So, we are almost there!  The agency we are working with told us that we will most likely be matched within two months, so we are hoping that this waiting part will go fast.  Or I should say that I am hoping it will go fast.  Nick is going to bed every night saying that he just really wants to enjoy his sleep right now.  As if he is going to be the one getting up in the night anyways.

Now that our home study is approved, we are applying for a couple of grants.  We still have a lot of money to raise and are hoping to get some of it that way.  I also added a couple new options to my sidebar for ways to help out.  I am selling all kinds of stuff in my etsy and storenvy shops and am continually adding new stuff, so keep shopping there!  And there is our Just Love Coffee shop that you can buy from as well.  Everyone needs their coffee (except me....I don't like it).  You can read about how much of the proceeds will go towards our adoption here.  

I also have a new section selling bracelets that are made in Haiti through the Apparent Project.  The money for the bracelets goes towards our adoption and back to Haiti. Here are some examples. You can see more and read more about it here.
Thanks so much for all your support! We will keep you posted with more updates.  Hopefully the next one will be a match!


  1. So exciting guys! Looking forward to seeing who God has picked for your awesome family!

  2. My husband and I are officially waiting to be matched also! What agency are you guys using? I pray that your wait time goes by smoothly and quickly! Enjoy your vacation :)

  3. I would love to hear more about your homestudy and the grants you are looking into. My husband and I are just now sending in our adoption application and there is SO MUCH to try to compile. I've been loving following your blog!