June 22, 2013

Costa Rica>>Day Four and Five

We spent most of the day at Playa Danta, where Nick strung up the hammock and we had the whole beach to ourselves.  How was there no one else here?
When Nick got restless....because I could have stayed there all day....we headed to Brasilito Beach, where we ate lunch.  We ate fresh fish at every meal in Costa Rica. It was AMAZING! And I don't even like fish.
We spent the morning of day five back at Playa Grande, where Nick did some more surfing.  I didn't take any pictures this time...so unlike me.  We weren't there long anyways, because the surf was not that great.  So, we decided to head up to Rincon de la Vieja again, because we loved it.  We were planning on doing another hike, but when we got there, it was pouring rain.  So, instead, we had a spa day at another set of hot springs they have there. It was rough.
More mud and more pools.
We definitely preferred the first hot springs over these, but it was still nice.
There are animals EVERYWHERE in Costa Rica, just wandering the streets.

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