July 9, 2013

Seven Years Later, There's A lot Going On

Oh my!  So much to blog about!

The last week has been CRAZY!!

We had our adoption dinner fundraiser, my sister's baby shower, my other sister's rehearsal dinner at our house, then Nick's parents came into town and we celebrated the fourth, which is also our anniversary, with them, then my sister got married on July 5th, then I got sick.  So, that means that our house is a disaster, with wedding paraphernalia everywhere, that we did nothing for our anniversary, that I am still recovering and have no motivation to clean said dirty house, and that I have a million things to blog about.  But, it also means that we had a very full and very FUN week.  Especially that wedding.  It was freaking fun!  

Unfortunately, pictures from all these events are on a variety of cameras, none of which are mine.  So, posting on the majority of these events will have to be postponed until further notice.  For now, I will just post a few pictures from my wedding, since it was our anniversary on Thursday, and I did not get to do my typical anniversary post, where I post the same pictures from our wedding over and over again, as if you have never seen them before :)  And no, I'm not going to take the time right now to find some new ones.  I'm going to go back to some old blog posts and just copy and paste those same pictures.
There you go.  At some point, I will write up a sappy post about 7 years of marriage and that husband of mine....maybe when we actually celebrate the anniversary.

But for now, I'm going to direct your attention to another adopting family's blog, because they have an awesome giveaway going on, and you should all go enter and help them bring home their daughter from the Democratic Republic of Congo!
Enter here.

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