September 13, 2013

And Then Silas Came Home With Us

The day after we met Silas, we got to take him home.  We waited anxiously in the waiting area for the social worker to get there before going in to get him and see his birth mom one last time. 
This was one of the hardest, but happiest days of my life.   This little guy has a birth mom who loves and adores him and who made an incredibly selfless sacrifice for him.  I can't fathom having the strength to do what she did.  She is our hero.  Having to say good-bye to her and seeing her say good-bye to him was heart wrenching.  We have an open adoption, but she lives on the other side of the country, so this was a very difficult, emotional good-bye.  After spending the morning with her in the hospital and taking lots of pictures of all of us together (leaving those pictures off of the blog for her privacy), the time came.  She kissed Silas and walked out the door.  Nick and I just stood in the room and cried.  I don't even know how to describe the emotion at that moment.  My heart was broken for her, but I was overjoyed to be taking Silas home, knowing that now he was ours.  Once we composed ourselves, we took our little guy and headed out--a new family of three!

The paparazzi was waiting outside the door for us.
We headed down to the cafeteria to finish up our agency paperwork and decided we may as well eat there when we were done.  Everyone loved admiring our little guy and hearing his story.
Seeing Kim's face in this picture makes me cry. That girl! She has been such an amazing support.

We went outside to take lots more pictures...that's what happens when you have five different people with five different cameras taking pictures. Narrowing down the pictures for this post was hard work!
When I get happy, I grow five chins.  It's quite attractive, as you can see.
We loved the background for these pictures, but there were cones lining the street behind us.  Enter Kim.
And cone-free pictures.
Then it was time to pack Silas up in the car and take our first drive.
We headed back to our cousin Susan's house, where we were staying.  
(Sidenote: Susan and her husband Rodger are AMAZING! They housed us, fed us, loved us, supported us, and made this trip so special.)
More of our incredible family came over to meet Silas and have dinner together.  Then, they surprised us with gifts.
And we did a little photo shoot with Silas.  He was such a good sport!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this family of ours! I'm so glad that Silas is a part of it now!


  1. I am so happy for you. He is a little adorable peanut. So tiny. You are so deserving. Ever since I started reading your blog I so hoped for a baby for you. You wanted one so bad. My friend has an open adoption and it has worked out so well. Yes, his birth mother made such a great plan for Silas. This just makes me so happy. COngratulations.

  2. Congratulations! You guys look so happy :)

  3. More tears, more tears! I will be praying for his birth mom. I am thankful that her life and decision is allowing God's glory to be displayed. I will pray for the pain and the sadness she might be experiencing. I am thankful for her because seeing such joy on your face makes my heart overwhelmed!