October 28, 2013

A Very Belated 30th Birthday Celebration

Nick's 30th birthday was way back on July 25th, but we never got to celebrate.  (yes, yes I know, I'm robbing the cradle...proudly).  We were matched with Silas the day before his birthday, then we were camping in the Sequoias on his actual birthday, so his birthday celebration got put on the back burner.  The WAY back.  But, we finally got to it and celebrated last weekend with an all day affair.  It started with breakfast and a walk at Dana Point Harbor, where we ran into some miniature horses....totally normal.
We had a lazy afternoon at home, then headed down to Laguna Beach and ate some Mediterranean food on a bench while we watched the sunset.
This kid attracts a lot of attention with his cuteness.  
I don't mind at all.
We went home and Nick opened his presents, the most exciting of which was a new espresso machine. He has been wanting one for ages, and I finally bit the bullet and bought him one. And now, waking up early in the morning doesn't seem quite so bad, right Nick? 
Happy Birthday Nick!
I love you very much, and Silas and I are very lucky to have you!
(And we're both sorry we were so late celebrating...it was all Silas' fault!)

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  1. Happy Birthday to Nick. That baby is so stinkin cute, no wonder he gets alot of comments.
    Question.....where do the miniature horses come from?