October 24, 2013

Our Summer Camping Trip: Part One

There are many things that did not get posted on this blog during the summer due to the adoption of our son. Have you seen him?  He's super cute!  I'm trying to fit blog posts in between staring at him.  So, I'm going to try to play catch up during the next couple of weeks.  First up is our camping trip with Nick's family in Sequoia National Park.  It was on our way to this camping trip that we spoke with our birth mom and were matched with our little Silas.  Here we are stopped along the way where we had that life changing conversation.
We spent the rest of that drive calling everyone we knew to tell them the news and planning and dreaming about our little guy.  Then we made another stop along the way at Orangeworks. You can read the story behind this place here.
Nick's 30th birthday was the next day, so we had a little celebration once we got there, which included a quilt for Silas made by Nick's mom.
The next day, we hiked to Watchtower because we loved it so much the first time we did it.
We got a little into taking panoramic pictures on this trip.
The following day, we went to see the General Sherman and other famous Sequoias.
and found a slide...
The next days were spent visiting Moro Rock and hiking to a waterfall, but I'll post about those later to spare you from having to spend your whole day looking at pictures from our trip.

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