December 23, 2013

Huntington Harbor Boat Parade

My aunt and uncle had their annual boat parade party a couple weekends ago.  I don't have that many pictures from it because Nick and I didn't even get to stay for the actual boat parade. (We had to split our time between two different Christmas parties that night.)  But, I love this event every year because we get to hang out with family.  Christmas lights on the water are awesome, but hanging out with my family is even better.
Some were very sad to see Silas leave.  He was smooched and hugged all the way out the door.
We decided to take the picture for our Christmas card in my uncle's backyard because duh.  Not all of us have the ocean in our backyard.  Amy was our photographer, and Silas entertained us with his lip contortions.  The kid is REALLY into his lips right now and all the fun things he can do with them.
I will not post the winning picture, because in typical Kinnier fashion, we have not sent our cards out yet. (Everyone yell at Nick and tell him to hurry up and finish our letter!) But, here are some outtakes for your enjoyment.
Also, Shutterfly messed up our order, so I now have 200 Christmas cards.  Send me your address if you want one, because I definitely do not have 200 people to send them to.


  1. Hey I would love one of your christmas cards :) I have been reading your blog along your adoption journey. I could email you my address if you are willing to send me one

  2. I'll take one. Love to have a picture of your sweet little family.

  3. I just want you to know how adorable your family is. You dress baby Silas up SO cute. Love your blog. Happy Holidays.

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