January 7, 2014

Christmas Part Three: Turlock

The day after Christmas, we headed up to Turlock to celebrate another Christmas with Nick's family.  
Silas desperately needed a bath.  Let's not talk about how long it had been.  The kitchen sink worked just fine.
We did a little miniature golfing, boys against girls.  Girls won…no surprise there.
And the batting cages.  Nick and I just had a little conversation about how I need him to take pictures of me when I am in the batting cages, just like I take pictures of him.  I have to showcase my talent now and then.Our time in the north state continued with a trip to San Francisco and Silas's first real trip to the park, but I'll save those for another post.


  1. I love your new header or whatever the top of a blog is called. =) Not sure if you just changed it or if I'm just noticing it.

  2. What a great vacation! It’s always good to see a family that’s having fun playing golf, baseball, or even just spending time in one room, talking and laughing. These are the moments you’ll never forget. But my special favorite is when your whole family was around the sink, bathing Silas.