January 11, 2014

Silas In San Francisco

While we were up North, we took a little day trip to San Francisco to go to the Walt Disney Museum and have a picnic with Nick's aunt and uncle and cousins.  The museum was especially enjoyable after seeing Saving Mr. Banks (so good), and the picnic was especially enjoyable with the beautiful weather,  the excellent company, and a little bit of frisbee.   

The Forty Niners were playing in Arizona that day, so we dressed Silas up in his Forty Niner best.  He then proceeded to soil that outfit before we even got to San Francisco. (I will spare you the details…no poop stories on this blog).  But, I was determined that he would show his team spirit while we were in the city.  I rinsed it out in the sink, let it dry in the sun, and threw that outfit back on him.  And then, his grandfather joined him for a photo shoot.
While I was trying to get Silas to smile and everyone else was taking pictures, Nick decided to snap some photos of all of us looking like dorks.
And, just because it makes me smile, here is a little family photo outtake from the day.

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  1. The picture with grandpa is precious. I also lie the one of the paparotsi......I know that is spelled wrong but maybe you can make it out. How funny. It looks like fun being at the beach in the cooler temps.