May 29, 2014

Beat the Heat

We've had a pretty hot May. Like summer hot. Like several days of 100 degree weather. We live close enough to the beach that we don't have a real need for air conditioning, but on these days, we were roasting. That meant, we spent most of these days in water or by water. The beach and our little blow up pool have served us well.

This is Silas's little friend Molly. They adore each other.  Her family is moving to Georgia next month and she wants to take Silas with her. I don't think he'd complain.


Bring on summer!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Give me that little nugget! He just gets more and more precious and is getting so big!!

    ~Anna Margaret

  2. Can I just say that Silas looks really adorable in those photos? It’s a good thing you guys live near the beach, so you can stay cool and have an ultimate summer vacation right on your backyard. Haha! That's such a great way to stay cool this summer. Though in my opinion, staying at home and basking on an airconditioned room would also be great for you guys. Enjoy! :D
    Annie Scott @ Altus Mechanical