August 4, 2014

Rock Creek Lake Camping: Part Three

The final part of our camping trip included our longest hike up to Ruby Lake. This was our favorite hike of the trip and included some really amazing views. Along the way, Nick was lamenting the fact that he had forgotten to bring the polarizer for our camera. Suddenly, out of the blue, Eddie (my brother-in-law) stopped and said, "Is this what you wanted?" And there it was. A gift from God above...a polarizer sitting on a rock as we hiked past. The perfect fit for our camera.  And now, we have some pretty spectacular pictures, thanks to the Lord's favor and Eddie's keen eye.  Do you see the rainbow in the clouds above? See....God was smiling on us.

Once again, we took a rest and ate lunch once we got to the lake, and a couple people took a quick dip...a REALLY quick dip. I also attempted to take some pictures with Silas, who was not exactly the most cooperative kid at the time. He became obsessed with putting his finger in my mouth and my nose and eventually wore himself out so much that he just rested his head on mine.

And then Silas took his afternoon nap. 

And rested in the hammock when we got back to our campsite.

The next day we packed up camp and headed home.
The End.

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