September 27, 2014

Celebrating My Mom

Last weekend, we surprised my mom to celebrate her 60th birthday.  She thought the only celebrating we were doing was singing to her at Silas's birthday party. But, this birthday was too big, and she deserved her own special night. We had a lot of fun hanging out in Laguna Beach, having dinner, giving her her gifts, and walking along the beach. We have the best mom (and grandma) and love celebrating her any chance we get!
Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. We visit Laguna every year. It's my favorite. I am sad that The Cottage doesn't exist anymore :( but nothing beats Nicks and Fresh Gelato.

    1. Yes! Nick's and Gelato are the perfect night out! And we were also very bummed with The Cottage closed. It was one of our favorite breakfast spots. :(