December 8, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

I decided that I reeeeaaaalllly wanted to cut our own tree down this year, and I haaaaad to have it last Sunday. So, Nick appeased my needs and we headed to the tree lot where the trees are still growing in the ground, and you get to choose and cut the one you want. Only problem was it was raining a lot, all the good trees had been reserved, these particular types of trees didn't smell, and you don't actually get to cut your own tree down....someone does it for you. So, after all that insistence, I was now insisting that we leave this lot and head to Home Depot.  Nick was super happy with me. Before we left though, we had to take some pictures, of course, and these are some of my favorites ever. That picture of Nick up there ^^^ probably my all time favorite. He looks gooooooooooood!

We did not head to Home Depot after all that, because Silas was D-O-N-E. So, we headed to Home Depot the next day, only this time, it was raining even harder. As we were pulling into Home Depot, Nick remembered that he had seen a tree lot that was tented not too far from there. So, off we went to our third lot. Pumpkin City did the trick. Nick and Silas hung out under the tent, while I perused the lot for the perfect tree, and Nick vetoed every choice from afar, because apparently our ceiling isn't as high as I like to think it is. But, we managed to find the perfect tree, and I am quite pleased with her, as well as all the fun rainy pictures we got in the process of finding her.

Check out this series of selfies. Silas can't get enough of seeing himself on camera these days..... 
 Then, we came home and gussied her up real nice.
 Silas's first and second Christmas ornaments. The one on the left is from The 1500 Tree Project, and the one on the right is from Wallflower Co. Both of them support adoption, and I LOVE that. I think I'm going to make it a tradition to get Silas an ornament each year that supports adoption.

I shared before how Silas is pretty much obsessed with utensils. Lately, forks have been the favorite, as you can see in the pictures above. He must have one in his hands at all times while we are home. So, while we decorated our tree, Silas played with the ornaments in the box, while simultaneously holding tightly to his fork. And now we have a lovely tree, letting off a sweet aroma, reminding us that Christmas is almost upon us, and we have a little boy who is too concerned with forks to waste his time pulling ornaments off the tree. So, all is well.

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  1. Silas needs to teach his dad how to take a selfie.

  2. Even with the rain, those will be great memories. I think Silas has the best expressions. One of our grands had a thing with spoons. She had to have 3 or 4 within reach all the time. Then another one was that way with binkies. That number would be three. She would rotate them all night long. I like supporting adoption ornaments. I will have to loo that up. I love Silas' silhouette. You will have a fun Christmas this year.

    1. Thanks Debby! Kids are so funny with their little obsessions. Glad you like to support adoption too!! Have a Merry Christmas!