January 3, 2015

Our Birthmom Gift

Our Christmas gift to our birth mom this year was simple and easy, and I love the way it all turned out. We used Tiny Prints to make a photo ornament and notepad. The ornament turned out so cute that I'm thinking about getting one for myself. Our birth mom went back to school recently, so we thought it would be nice to get her something that could help her stay organized. This personalized (yes, her name is underneath that big black blotch) notepad seemed perfect. We threw in a planner from Plum Paper (thank you sister!) and LOTS of pictures of Silas, and we had the perfect gift! My goal for next year is to actually get her gift to her BEFORE Christmas.  We love our birth mom!

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1 comment:

  1. My boys get a new photo ornament each year. Sometimes I make them. Other years I upload photos, personalize, and order them. We also get a family photo ornament each year. Each boy has their own ornament box full of their photo ornaments through the years, gifted ornaments, and the ones they make at school. They will take these with them when they are grown and have their own trees. My tree will be bare!

    Love my Plum Paper planner!