January 28, 2015

We're in a Video!

Over the summer, our church interviewed us for a video they were doing with campus updates. I kept wanting to post it but couldn't figure out how to post just our portion of the video instead of the full 10 minute one (there was a story from each of our 5 church campuses). I eventually gave up, because I couldn't figure it out. But then, this morning, when I sat down to my computer, the video just popped up out of the blue....just our portion. So weird! So, I guess I'm posting it now. This is obviously an extremely short, very condensed version of our story, which is far more complex and emotional than the video lets on. We had to share our story plus something about how our church helped us along in the adoption process all in under two minutes. We did our best, but they had to edit out some of what we shared of our story. I'm still happy with how it turned out, and I think they included the most important parts. Also, Silas's hair has quadrupled in size since this video was made!
A little disclaimer....the intro of the video makes it sound like we did fost-adopt. We didn't, but other families in our church have.
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  1. Short and sweet. I don't think I knew that Silas was a domestic adoption. Good for you. When we adopted our son we didn't have to pay anything. Since he was a part of the system from the time he was born and also he had special needs. We did hire an attorney to make sure all the right things were signed. He didn't charge us either. He was also an adoptive parent. I wish more people would adopt inside the States. I just think it is unfair for other countries to charge so much and drag the whole process out over several years. So sad. It's been so much fun watching you raise this cutie pie.

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