July 29, 2017

Lake Almanor

It has been one week since we got home from our two week summer road trip. The fun we had and the memories we made together have motivated me to get back into blogging about the fun adventures we are having together as a family of four. Here's to sticking to it!

Our trip was broken up into 3 parts, and since it was so long, and I take an obnoxious amount of pictures, I'll break the blog posts up into 3 parts as well. Part one was spending 4 nights at Lake Almanor with Nick's family. Somehow during the planning of this trip, I forgot that I have children, and brought 6 books to read. How many got read? Well, I have one child who wants to spend all day everyday in the water but doesn't know how to swim and another child who shovels sand into her mouth all the livelong day, so not a one. BUT....I'm not complaining. Because this trip could not have been more fun.
On one of our days, we did a little hike/ride around the lake and found a beach all to ourselves. We had views of the snow covered Mt. Lassen as we swam in the lake, which was actually warm enough for me to get into (so rare!). Silas couldn't get enough of the water, and spent his day doing as many running jumps into the water as possible.
Junia enjoyed lounging on the beach, but she loved being in the inner tube on the water more.
This moment may have changed that for her...

We walked down to the playground and community beach area one night with no plans to swim. Silas had plans of his own and ended up in the lake in his underwear.
On our last day, we went on a hike in the Caribou Wilderness. Junia snoozed most of the time, and Silas got to walk across logs and soak his feet in the creek. 
At one point, the men hiked ahead to see how much further we should go while Silas took a little water/creek break. They left all the backpacks and gear with us, but after waiting for them for quite a while, we women and children decided to head out after them. Which meant we were carrying all the backpacks (and a baby) on our own. Obviously, we had to take these pictures as evidence of our awesomeness.
We started our trip off right, but this was just the beginning. Can't wait to share the rest!

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