1. I wrote to you a few hours ago, and I just realized that I did not include my email or any way for you to reply, should you want to reply. Sorry. Brain fart, as my 10 year old (boy) would say. Feel free to contact me at susan@steinruckteam.com

    You can also read some of our story so far at steinruckteam.com, if you'd like. Thanks!
    Susan Steinruck

  2. I love your profile book. We are trying to make one now and I can't fine a site like mixbooks or snapfish where you can insert the cool illustrations like you did... ie the map etc. Please give me any tips you may have!!!


  3. Hello! My husband and I also went to Biola!! We are starting to make a profile book as well. The agency wants the profile book sent to then in a PDF file. Did you do that? If so, how did you go about it and what company does it?
    thank you! marlamercado@yahoo.com