June 9, 2010

This is probably my favorite week of the year at school.  We have an annual Scotty Olympics, where each class represents a different country and competes against each other.  It is so much fun!

Monday was the opening ceremonies.  My class is China, and we got to be the host country this year.  We were decked out with a dragon, costumes, and banners.

Today we competed in 6 events. We got ready this morning by painting our faces and making headbands.

One of the events is the 50 meter dash.  Then, in the afternoon, the top 4 runners from each class are chosen to run in a relay race. The whole school gathers together to watch each grade level race each other.  It is so much fun and such a neat bonding experience for each class.

And, it is really fun when you win.....and WE DID! 

We had a blast today and are looking forward to the awards ceremony tomorrow.

Don't you love the shirts?  Sara Ancich, one of the moms from my class, came up with the design and helped me make them...they turned out amazing!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. But an even bigger thank you for letting me help out and hang around. It was really fun for me to be apart of this with your class. (They were the best dressed for sure, if I do say so myself)

  2. Yay they won!! I'm sad I missed it this year! And I really love that amazing hat you are wearing :)

  3. Mindy while I love seeing your class, I would really love to see the pictures from the wedding. Can you please share them with us. thanks

  4. hey so its june 18 and your last post was june 9. not okay... get on that flinda