July 1, 2010

Our World Cup Party

 This is us watching the painfully sad USA vs. Ghana game. This was at the beginning of the game, so we are looking nice and relaxed.  There are of course no pictures of us later in the game, because who in their right mind would be worried about taking pictures at a time like that! (they would be much more entertaining photos though, I am sure.)

As you saw us working on here, Amy and I made some fun signs to decorate the house with.
Here's how they turned out:
 Our friends are so festive and came dressed in their red, white and blue best for the occasion.  I thought that I got individual pictures of everyone, but I really missed a lot of people, so I am posting the two finalists for best dressed.   
You make the call! 
Who do you think should be the winner?

After the game, we took our dejected selves down to the park to try to lift our spirits with a game of wiffle ball.  


It was a lot of fun....but I still felt a little glum when it was all said and done.
Oh well.  Next World Cup.
I don't want to wait 4 more years.


  1. I pick Joel cause beer is so American.

  2. USA might host the World Cup in 2022!!! I doubt that you would want to wait that long. The World Cup Party at your place was awesome and thanks for having me over. I'd pick Joel cause IT'S JOEL but don't get me wrong Craig does dress up for the occasion...who remembers short shorts over at Biola while playing some bball?!?!?!

  3. Where are the pom-poms?

  4. excuse me but I really think wearing bright red pants should at least have gotten me a spot as a finalist. katie