August 10, 2010

Half Dome

Ever since getting married, I have had people tell me about how lucky I am to have Tom Kinnier as my father-in-law.  I typically agree with them.  However, on this particular morning, I was feeling quite grumpy towards him when I was awakened at 4:30 by a bright light illuminating his far too chipper face.
I had been pondering throughout this backpacking trip if you could actually consider what we were doing a vacation.  On this morning, I came to my conclusion.  This was not a vacation.
 However, I did come to realize that what we were about to do was worth every second of lost sleep, and my admiration for my father-in-law was restored.
(I'm still debating the whole backpacking is a vacation thing though.)

Half Dome was 
I had no concept of how steep the climb up half dome was until I saw it in person.
We took these pictures here before we found the "diving board" at the top of Half Dome.  Once we found it, we had to take a whole bunch more pictures.
I know that my arabesque is not quite as beautiful in this picture as the first one.  This spot was just SLIGHTLY more dangerous than that first spot, so I was feeling a little more timid about how high I placed my leg.  And I was pretty much yelling at Nick to get off the ledge the entire time I was taking pictures of him there.
Climbing Half Dome was probably one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done.  And I am so glad we did it as early as we did, because it got absurdly hot and crowded as the day went on.


  1. number one: my palms are sweating looking at those pictures of you on the edge... i'm deathly afraid of heights.

    number two: you sure look chic hiking in your bedazzled hat

    number three: I love your father-in-law's chipper face. too too funny.

    what an awesome trip.

  2. WOW. I'm a bit jealous (but glad to have two feet on the ground). The blue sky is so intense!

    We're off to Vermont with Derek's family next week-four generations. We won't have adventures like you though.

  3. Tom Kinnier responding here--the "chipper" one. I thought there was some unusually frigid gusts coming from your side of the camp that morning. I didn't realize they were intended to be personal. The whole family should be glad I didn't wake them up when I woke up like I said I was going to--11:32 . . . 12:32 . . 1:32 . . . 2:32 . . . 3:32. I was rearin' to go each time but knew I might face mutiny. Night time trip next time?

  4. Mindy, those pictures are insane!
    This makes me want to go to Yosemite so bad and climb half dome. Ahhhh...a must right?