August 8, 2010


We survived the Kinnier Family Backpacking Trip and are now safely home.  It was quite an eventful trip, full of some memorable moments.

We started out here at Tenaya Lake and headed to the Sunrise High Sierra Camp.  I LOVE when we choose to backpack in places where there is a high sierra camp because that means there is a bathroom!
We came across a couple of lakes as we hiked, which were shockingly warm.  So warm, in fact, that I actually went in.  Nick convinced me that it would be a good shower and I would feel so much better after going in.  I told him that I didn't want to because they might have a shower at the high sierra camp that I could sneak into.  He was positive that there would not be and promised me two foot rubs and Golden Spoon if there actually was a shower.  So, I went in, and I did thoroughly enjoy it.
 Unfortunately for Nick, there actually was a shower at the high sierra camp.  I got one of my foot rubs on the trip, but he still owes me one more and my Golden Spoon.  I think I will cash both of those in tonight.

Our backpacking site was nice and close to the bathrooms, and even came complete with a bunch of logs for chairs.  That is a luxury while backpacking.  This picture is really funny to me.  I think it looks like one of those pictures where you get all dressed up in old western clothes (minus the western clothes) and then pose facing all different directions and don't smile (except for me).
Does it look more like one of those pictures now?
Nick and I played the dot game in our tent that night.
I am so good at that game.  Nick didn't stand a chance.

Day Two 
We hiked from Sunrise High Sierra Camp to a spot that was in close proximity to Half Dome so that we could hike there the next day. 
Some highlights:  
Pinecone baseball was extremely fun.  Everyone should try it when they go camping.  I was in the lead after the first inning, but Teri came back and beat all of us in her last at bat.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of our Half Dome adventure.

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