August 13, 2010

Plastic House

I mentioned when we got back from Sequoia that I came home to a plastic house.
When we left, we had started working on the ceilings of the house.  We had to have them scraped because they were gross cottage cheese ceilings that had asbestos in them.  But, then we had to do SOOO much prep work to get them ready to be retextured and painted.
We also decided to put in recessed lighting....which I LOVE!

The first thing we did was a lot of spackling and sanding.  Then, we primed the ceilings.  Then, we did waaaaaaaayy more spackling and sanding.  I thought it would never end.
At least we had the World Cup to watch while we worked.
We had helpers too!
Jim Smith from JS Electric helped us do the recessed lighting.  He was the brains behind everything, while Nick and my dad were the laborers.  Nick was the official attic crawler.
Then, Nick spray textured the ceilings.
 And now we have new pretty ceilings. 
If only we could get the rest of the house done now.  Painting the walls is next.  It feels like the prepping is endless.  We do have two rooms painted.  We have a long ways to go though.   This is taking FOREVER!


  1. yes everyone, that is me actually helping. and seriously, can you just finish the house already????

  2. Can you please hurry I want to come hang out!!! kimberly, you were probably just standing around talking about nails, hair, twilight or something along those lines.....