September 28, 2010

House Updates

I wanted to share some updates on our house with everyone.  
We have made a lot of changes, but I have avoided putting them up because the house still looks like a construction zone.
But, I decided to post some pictures anyways because I think the progress is exciting even if everything doesn't look great yet.

So here you go:

The Wall:
(yep, we finally made a decision)
We decided just to make the opening bigger to make the rooms feel more open.  Nick and my dad cut the opening about 3 feet wider.  I like it a lot better.  It obviously still needs to be drywalled, and we will add a nice trim around it.
We also painted the living room a gray blue color.  The dining room is prepped for paint, but we haven't chosen a color yet.  But HALLELUIA....No More Yellow!
(check out the super cute 1940's chair I got for $20 at a garage sale!)

We did some other painting too:
(The colors are a little off, but you get the idea.)

And we had new windows put in throughout the house!
When we had the new windows put in, we decided to replace the window in our bedroom with a sliding glass door.  It is by far my favorite update yet.
There is still so much more to do.  
We bought wood floor over the weekend, so ripping up the carpet and prepping the floors is next on the agenda.  Things are going kind of slow because we are doing everything ourselves, but it is so worth it to save all the money we are saving.

This is our new floor.  I love it!


  1. I like the sliding glass door! Yea for natural sunlight. Did soar throat go away before monday?

  2. The slider is amazing, and I think the enlarged opening was the way to go.

    Have your dad and Nick do all their practicing on your house; that way, they'll be ready to do mine next!

  3. Hey nice choose with the sliding glass door in the bedroom, I think that was really smart. And all the windows look awsome, I can't wait to see it. Have fun with the floors.


  4. Thanks for sharing those updates on your house with us Mindy. Everything was awesome!