October 5, 2010

Grandma Billie

Nick and I spent the weekend in Petaluma with this adorable woman: Grandma Billie
{Photo taken at Meredith (Nick's cousin) and Michael's wedding in July 2006}

Grandma Billie (Nick's Grandma) went into the hospital last week with a very high fever.  After being there for a few days, she decided she was done at the hospital.  They wanted to continue to do tests on her and figure out everything that was wrong with her, but she was miserable there and just wanted to come home.  So, she bravely declined treatment and came home.  She is much more comfortable at home, and we were so happy to spend the weekend with her.  She is still her normal witty self, but lacks some of the spunk she normally has.

She has lived a very full 89 years.  I pray she has some more in her, but I know Heaven is sounding really nice for her right now.  Jesus and Grandpa Arndt, her husband of 62 years, are there, and I am sure she would love to see them both.  
 {Photo taken at our wedding, July 2006}

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