October 29, 2010

Character Parade 2010

Every year, we have a Character Parade at school.  This year, the fourth and fifth grade teachers each decided to dress up as a different Little Miss.  
This was mine:
My room mom is amazing this year.  She transformed my room into a Halloween wonderland for our party.  We were decked out with black tablecloths, caution tape, spiderwebs, bats, skeletons, strobe lights, and even Halloween music.  It was so much fun!
It was fun for me to have my room decorated since I can't decorate my house in its current state. Maybe I can have my house back in time to decorate for Christmas?

(p.s. when I was putting my pictures in a folder, I accidentally titled the folder Halloweed....hmmmmm.)


  1. Little Miss books are the best! (We got Meghan Little Miss Bossy.)

    Is there a Little Miss Persuader?

  2. Your costumes were the best! What a GREAT idea. And your room looked like a Grad night. How fun for the kids. Happy Halloween.