October 7, 2010

New York and Pennsylvania....Here We Come

On the plane from LAX to Philadelphia.

I am sitting in the Philadelphia airport partaking in a 3 hour layover with the two girls above, who happen to be my sisters.  Our fourth sister will be joining us tomorrow.  We just got here after a red eye flight from LAX, in which we hardly slept at all.  We are awaiting our next flight to Binghamton, New York so that we can go to my cousin Kasey's wedding!

We are so excited to see these two get married on Sunday!
We can't wait to hang out with so many people from our family who we haven't seen in forever...
and to hang out on the farm...
and to see all the fall leaves...
(which apparently are gone).


  1. Well, gee, with a three hour layover in Philly, you have time to get to us, visit, and get back! We leave tonight!

    See you soon???

  2. PS. We're staying at Gma and Gpa's....so don't forget to drop by!

  3. and we snuck into the U.S. Air club!! woohoo were such sneakers :)

  4. OMG! It has happened! I am famous! I can't believe we are on your blog! See you soon=)