January 4, 2011

Swenson Family Christmas!

The day started off right with an amazing breakfast.
Please note the perfectly placed plates with the perfectly placed napkins on top....perfectly placed by my almost perfect father. ( I say almost perfect, because, as my mother pointed out, there might be something wrong with where the utensils are placed.)
This is what happens when you have a family of people whose love language is gift giving. We go big...and on a low budget too.
 Some of us got way into wrapping this year.  You may notice one absent sister from these pictures.  That sister, who is the designer in the family, likes to wrap her presents as messy as possible and write people's names on them with Sharpies.  So, none of her presents made the cut for this collage.
There are certain people in some of these pictures that are making me laugh a lot.  I hope you can figure out who they are.


  1. As much as pretty gift is well, pretty, I don't have the patience to make them pretty.

    I have no issues with a Sharpie marker...just in case a certain designer needs a little defense! This year when I ran out of labels but had time to wrap, I had no issue with using my Sharpie!

  2. for the record...the present i am holding with the hula skirt attached was created by the lovely author of this blog...not me :) just want to make sure she gets the credit she deserves :)

  3. man i love our family :) were so funny