February 13, 2011

Super Bowl and Tim's Birthday

 Last Sunday, we headed straight from Santa Barbara to our house to have a little super bowl party.  Since I knew I would be arriving at my house later than some of the guests, I decorated the house before I left for Katie's Bachelorette weekend.
I cut out footballs on the cricut, then sewed them together the same way that I did these hearts
I cut little triangles out of fabric and sewed them together to make flags, then sewed them onto ribbon to hang them.
And check out the molding around our doorway!  Nick finished that the day before the party, and I LOVE it!  I will post more on that and other house updates later.
Before the Super Bowl started, we headed down to the park to play some flag football.
Then, we headed back to the house for the big game.
Our house was packed.  I think half the people didn't even watch the game because we couldn't all fit in our living room (I don't think those people were too sad about it).
And then, there were others, who were completely engrossed in the game AND the commercials.
We also celebrated Tim's 29th birthday while everyone was over.
Amy designed a Happy Birthday sign for him that I glued onto ribbon.
 Tim's girlfriend Jen enlisted our friend Tany to make Tim a gluten free cake.
It was magnificent!
(or so I was told by many people...I don't like chocolate cake, so I did not have any myself.)
Happy Birthday Tim!

And at the end of it all, I was thrilled that the Packers won!
Go Green Bay


  1. Oh I'm glad someone took photos of our amazing flag football game!! Esther was this your doing on the DL? (P.S. Mindy, I'm posting on your blog!)- Cindy

  2. Yay! Hey, I need to get a copy of these photos of Tim from you when you get a chance. :) Great post! xoxo, Jen

  3. craig is my favorite part of this post... :)

  4. Great blog as always melinda.. It seems that your blog is much like you in the the way you get better as time goes on.... I do not like these photos as much as recent entries, however your style, structure, and flow makes up for the photos are lacking.. There is one photo that I am very much fond of....

  5. Sorry for all of the mistakes :(

  6. Love it Mindy! Thanks for hosting all of us - it was SO fun! :-) You and Nick are absolute gems.

    I esp. loved the pics of Craig and the before and after pick of Tim blowing out his birthday candles and coconut flying everywhere. Ooops... ;-)