March 4, 2011

The Rehearsal

So, Katie and Collin got married.
But, before they got married, they had to practice getting married.
And we, the bridesmaids, had to practice standing in our spot.
Aren't they so cute!
Of course, after a rehearsal comes a rehearsal dinner.
It's only fair, since we worked so hard practicing for the wedding.
I wish I could post the video that Collin made of him and Katie for the rehearsal amazing!
I guess that's what happens when you work in the film industry.

As soon as I get wedding pictures from my dear sweet friend Esther (who is not so dear and sweet because she refuses to become a follower of my blog just because she can), I will post the fabulous wedding!

Since my mom and I are trying to get our tutoring business to become an overnight sensation, I decided to write some online articles.  Apparently, that can really help your website get some traffic.  So, feel free to check out my first two articles here and here.  They are nothing too exciting, but hopefully they will help business.  And, if you have not already seen our website, or you just want to admire it again, check it out here.  If you know anyone who needs a tutor, you know where to go! (well, so long as you live in the Orange County area)

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  1. Nice articles! I never had my classroom library well organized.

    The yahoo address is still working for us...however the gmail is not (yet, we hope). If you click my profile, it should send you to the new email for gmail. Oh, and for now I don't have access to post to the blogs. Grrr...but at least the blogs are still up and our bank accounts are safe.