April 10, 2011

Memory #10

Nick's Proposal--December 2005
I have shared this story before on the blog, but it is definitely one of my top top memories, so I can't leave it out of this list of 20 memories.  So, I will try to include some different details in this post.

Nick's proposal was a total shock to me.  Not because I was not expecting it to happen soon.  I was actually getting rather impatient for it to happen, knowing that he was leaving very shortly to go to South America for a month.  But, I was definitely not expecting it on the night that it happened.  I thought that we were going to be decorating the Christmas tree with my family that night.  But, that was just a cover to get me down to my parents so that we could go for a little night hike to one of our favorite spots.

Along the hike, we first came across this:
See, I told you he used that picture from Mazatlan.
So, I knew what was going on when I saw that and was waiting for him to propose.  But, he told me to keep walking.  Confused, I continued until I saw this:
Nick had spent the day decorating this old abandoned deck that we had watched many sunsets from.

He bought tons of frames from Ikea and developed a whole bunch of pictures of us.  He nailed them up to every post on the deck, along with candles.
He brought up a table, chairs, a blanket, a heat lamp, a lantern, hot chocolate, and an ipod dock.  The whole scene was amazing, and I was in awe at what he had done for me.  We sat down, and he told me to close my eyes.  Then he asked me to marry him and told me to open my eyes.  I opened them to see my beautiful ring, and was shocked once again.  He designed my ring himself, and it was so much better than anything I had imagined getting.  So, of course after seeing the ring, I had to say yes.  Then Nick pulled out something he wrote for me.  I would share it on here, but he would kill me.  I will just say that he is a very good writer and I cried, and I still cry when I go back and read it again every now and then.
And after we had reveled in our newly engaged selves for a bit, we called our friends and family, and they came up to join us.
It was definitely one of the best nights of my life.
(You can see more of the story here if you want)
Wish List Item of the Day:
Forever 21 Jewelry

And, the winning theme for my birthday party was chosen.  It is... 
Enchanted Forest.
And I am so excited.  We have been busy making all kinds of decorations.  Kristina designed this invitation for the party, and Amy came up with an inspiration board for how to dress here.  Kim and Nick are very involved in this whole process as well.  Nick is coming up with a way to turn our backyard into the enchanted forest, and Kim is planning the menu and making the cake for the event.  I can't wait!

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