April 9, 2011

Memory #9

Second Anniversary Trip--July, 2008

We spent our 2nd anniversary traveling along the Northern coast of California.  We headed out to Patrick's Point, where we camped the first night.  It was beautiful, but I was FREEZING.  I could never live on the northern coast because their summer is colder than our winter. But, it is beautiful to visit.
 We spent a lot of time at Agate Beach looking for agates and collecting rocks.  I collected tons of rocks and made a mosaic frame from some of them.  The rest of them spilled onto the floor of our apartment closet, and I might not have cleaned them up until we moved out.
 We hiked through the redwoods.  These trees are unbelievable.
From Patrick's Point, we headed to Eureka along the Avenue of the Giants.
We stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast in Eureka and spent a lot of time inside coffee shops and used bookstores because it was so foggy and cold.
From Eureka, we went to San Francisco to spend our Fourth of July/Anniversary.  The weather was much nicer there.
My voice is unbelievably obnoxious in this video, so I apologize. 
We watched fireworks in the fog.
The next day, we went to a Giants game.  This was Nick's favorite part of the trip, and probably mine too (even though I will forever be a Braves fan).  But, the Giants did beat the Dodgers, so that was pretty fun to watch.  And their stadium is pretty cool too, as are their garlic fries!
We did not take a trip for our 3rd anniversary, but it was on that anniversary that we decided we would do a big trip every 5 years.  We counted our trip to Cabo in August as our 4 year anniversary trip.  And now year 5 is coming up, and we have nothing planned.  But, it is supposed to be our big trip.  Where should we go?
Today's wish list item:
The Cricut Imagine 

Imagine what you could do with this!

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  1. I want that Cricut right now!!!! If I could, I would buy it for you