April 8, 2011

Memory #8

Family Trips to Mexico
My parents bought a time share in Mexico several years ago, so we try to go down there once a year.  We usually go to Mazatlan, but did venture to Puerto Vallarta one year, and Nick and I were able to use the timeshare to go to Cabo in August (seen here and here).  I love these family vacations, and it is especially nice to have my Mexican husband around when we are there. (Okay he is not really Mexican, but he did live in Mexico, and he does speak Spanish, so that's close enough.)

Mazatlan 2005
We took this trip before Nick and I were married.  Nick used the middle picture of us when he proposed a few months later.
The driver of the banana boat purposely turned the boat so a wave would knock us off.  These pictures are so classic.

Puerto Vallarta 2007
This was the first and only all inclusive vacation I have been on.  It was so amazing to eat whenever and whatever we wanted.  We felt obligated to get our money's worth though, so we were constantly eating and drinking. I went home never wanting to eat again....that didn't last long.
We used this picture for our Christmas card that year.

Mazatlan 2008
We always like to get involved in the pool competitions, because you can win free nachos and drinks.
Our favorite restaurant in Old Town Mazatlan 
Wish List Item #8
Tea Cup
Source: flickr
Tea cup from Bonny
Source: flickr 
Source: Etsy

I would like enough tea cups to be able to do this:
Source: Happiness Is 

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