September 14, 2011

Come on Down

We are so excited to have another Kinnier living in the southland.  Nick's sister made the big move from Chico to San Diego a couple of weeks ago.  She says it is temporary, but we know better.

On her way down to San Diego, she and her fun friend Liz stopped over at our house for a couple of nights.  We had fun showing them around, and we took them down to Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach.
 Then we climbed the thousand stairs back up to our car and drove ourselves straight to gelato.
Now let's see which Kinnier we can get to move down here next.  


  1. Lys has moved from my blog to your blog!! not fair! ahahah, glad she's having fun down there. :) hopefully we'll get a trip in.

  2. the parents! they should move down...there really is a lot to do down here:) And yes agreed that a trip down from the fitz is necessary.