September 16, 2011


Over the weekend, my sisters and I did a dessert table for a little girl's first birthday party.  The whole birthday was a ladybug theme, which I was not too excited about at first.  But, I love how it turned out.  Amy and Kim came over on Friday night, and we slaved away making mini ladybugs, strawberry shortcakes, pinwheels and all kinds of other goodies.  We have a big post about it coming up on our Caramel Cup blog very soon, but here's a little glimpse until then.
I am proud to say that the majority of these little ladies on the cupcakes were my doing.  I feel honored that Kim had enough faith in me to entrust this job to me.

Kim made the incredible cake, and all of the tags for the desserts were made by Kristina, who will be posting her very own post of the party on her blog, Plum Paper.  We are working hard on getting the Caramel Cup blog lots of new posts, so stay tuned for all kinds of goodies coming up over there.


  1. Those cupcakes with the little ladybugs and the big cake are so cute. What cute ideas for a birthday party.

  2. Avery's 1st birthday was ladybug themed. I had the brilliant idea of releasing 500 live ladybugs into the yard and then letting all the guests catch them to take home in individual glass bug jars.

    The ladybugs flew into the cake where they got stuck.

    That's what you call Martha Stewart gone bad.

    Where were you fabulous ladies when I needed you 6 years ago?

  3. this is just precious! My daughter's first birthday is coming up and I was going to plan a ladybug party.