October 18, 2011

Plum Paper Giveaway Winner!

I wanted to come up with some really creative way to choose a winner from the giveaway, but my brain was lacking creativity, so that did not really happen.
So, here is how it all went down....
I wrote all your names down on slips of paper....so original, I know.
Then I put them all on the floor in front of my dogs, in hopes that they would choose one.  They didn't.  They just stared at me like I was an idiot.

So, instead, I decided to stuff you all in a gourd.
And shake you all up.
Then, I set you up all nice and cute on my wine rack, while I waited until Nick was ready to choose a winner.
Then Nick came along and dumped you all out with his eyes closed and his hand open, hoping one of you would fall into his hand.
And only one of you did.
YAY! Congratulations Heather!
(Email me your address and the cards you want so Plum can send them out to you!)

And, since you got a glimpse at a bit of my fall decorations, I may as well show you some more from around my house.
I made this paper leaf garland for fall to replace the other garland I used.
Can you tell that I am enjoying the newness of my iPhone. I am playing around with all the different picture apps. So fun!
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was a lot of fun, and we will have to do another one very soon!


  1. I tried the same thing with my dogs. It didn't work for me either. COngratulations to the winner. Love the pumpkin pillow with the flowers.

  2. ummm you were suppose to just pretend you drew a name and the just tell everyone I won... lame ;)

  3. I didn't see anonymous in the pile of names.