November 5, 2011

pARtY tIMe

We had our annual Halloween party last Saturday night.
My intention was to have our whole family dress up in our 70's best, but Nick did not really feel like finding something 70's to wear.  So, he texted me on the morning of the party, while I was out and about buying last minute supplies, asking me if he could be Sherlock Holmes instead.  And so it was.  I had already bought pirate costumes for the dogs, so we just went as a mis-matched family.

The party was a great success!
Of course there was a dessert table.
Amy bought the backdrop at Ikea.  They are just tulle curtains that we draped behind the table to be a spider web.  We had other big plans for that part, but ran out of time because we were making all of these delicious desserts:
We raided my mom's Halloween decorations.  She is a huge Halloween fan, and our house was always decked out for this holiday.  The colors are just way too fun.
 As usual, our friends came dressed in their Halloween finest.
I love how into it everybody gets.
{I stole some of these pictures from Natalie...a.k.a Minnie Mouse}
Many of you might be saying, "Mindy, you're dress is so short!" Well, I'll have you know, that dress was my mother's! It was the dress she wore to the church on the day she got married. AND...she is 2 inches taller than me. SCANDALOUS!  Also, many of you are probably asking, "What is with Nick's face?"  I have asked that same question.  He made them same face in every picture.  Apparently he thinks it makes him look more Sherlock Holmesish.

We had a little costume contest, and here are the results:
So, there you have it....
Halloween 2011!
 until next year.....
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  1. What a party! I like how you justified the short dress, I should have pulled that excuse for Molly's wedding:)

  2. Steve and Shannon, Teri and I don't find your mimicking of us amusing.--Tom

  3. Looks like a fun party, and what a spread, Wow! You look cute in the dress, (but you look cute in everything you wear)and you are right about how short the dresses were in the 70's. I wasn't allowed to wear them that short but do remember girls that did! Cousin Jill
    P.S. Got your blog address from your Grandma Kinnier