January 6, 2012

Christmas with my Husband.

Nick and I finally celebrated Christmas with each other on Wednesday, even without a Christmas tree.  Not that it feels much like Christmas anyways, since we are having 80 degree weather.  We woke up in the morning and exchanged gifts.
Nick made me the coolest outdoor table ever, inspired by our many visits to Restoration Hardware.
Now he is working on a bench to sit on one side of the table, and then we are going to go garage sale hopping to find a hodge podge of different chairs to sit around the rest of it.  I LOVE IT!

Of course we went to our usual celebration breakfast spot.
Ramos House Cafe
I asked Nick to take a picture of me in my cute outfit because I secretly want to be a cool fashion blogger.  He called me a narcissist.  I doubt I will be a fashion blogger anytime soon.
For the afternoon, we decided to take advantage of our winter summer weather.  So, we came home, grabbed the dogs, and headed to the beach.
I ran Brontie down the beach while Nick got ready to surf.  When I came back to our spot, Nick was in the water, but had set a little tent up for Belle.
Nick surfed while the dogs and I entertained ourselves with lots of pictures and some reading.  Not that much reading happened.  Brontie likes to make that difficult.
Belle loved exploring the beach.
And Brontie loved digging.
No pictures of that though, because I was too busy trying to get away from the flying sand.
And I loved snuggling up to my pups and enjoying the sun.
Nick couldn't leave without attempting to put Brontie in the water.  He is determined to make Brontie a water dog.
I don't think there is much hope.

The perfect Christmas!


  1. I want to know what you got Nicholas for Xmas?

  2. I have those shoes, the ones in your 'fashion blogger' pose. Which makes you TOTALLY fashionable!

  3. since you aren't going to be fashion blogging, could you please send me your tights? (um, because I love them) thanks! xoxoxo - Naomi