January 11, 2012

Way Late Pictures from Molly and Eddie's Wedding

Okay, so I know this wedding happened ages ago, and these two are like an old married couple now, but I just got the REAL pictures at Thanksgiving.  I know Thanksgiving also happened ages ago, but it has taken me that long to look through all the photos.  That's how many there are.  So, rather than post all 56,000,000 photos on the blog, I have narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.  However, since there are still a lot of pictures that I like, I am going to split this up into a couple posts.  So, this first one will consist of the pre-wedding ceremonies, and the wedding ceremony itself.  Here goes....

Lovers (ewww, gross):
The Kinnier Family:
 Kinnier Siblings:
 Fortlage side of the family:
 Kinnier side of the family:
 Pretty Molly:
And a few more for fun:

The Ceremony:
Still to come:
-The Reception
-The Dessert Table (because this was my pride and joy)
-And that might be all....or it might not be.  We shall see how many pictures I choose.


  1. the backyard looked so pretty. Something tells me you may or may not have been responsible for the pinwheels on the trellis?

    I want to know the story on her dress. And yours was adorable too I might add.

  2. ah, it was a lovely ceremony! looks like we missed out on the family stuff beforehand. :o(