February 15, 2012

A Little Valentine's Day Recap

I got home from work and admired my heart garland.
Then we walked the poochies.
FYI: These pictures are totally NOT from Valentine's Day.  But, I didn't take any pictures of our V-day walk, so these here pictures are going to represent that part of our day instead.  The rest are from the actual day, I promise.

After the walk, Nick put dinner on the grill and we relaxed while we waited.
And then after a while, we were still waiting.  Dinner was taking a bit longer than expected.  I suggested we watch something on Netflix while we waited, but Nick said that did not seem romantic enough.

So, we played cards instead.  The epitome of romance.
 And finally, dinner was served.
That little chicken was delicious and organic.  So organic that he even had a name....Henry.  When I found that out, I didn't want to eat him anymore. For a little ambiance, we had some Valentine's Day candles thanks to a couple of my fourth graders.

And just when I thought the evening was over and was washing my face, Nick came into the bathroom, opened up the drawer and pulled these suckers out.
 Ummm, WHOA!  Totally not expecting that, best husband ever.  And what did I get him?  Nothing.  Hello crappy wife!

I did, however, make him a focal point of my instagram for the day.
So, I would say
It was a good, good day.
(i love rhyming)

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